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Seven-time World Chess Champion Anatoly Karpov established his first U.S. school in Lindsborg, Kansas. Anatoly Karpov has numerous chess schools throughout the world.
The Anatoly Karpov Chess School has Temporarily Suspended Operations

Breaking News: Anatoly Karpov in hospital with fractured skull

by ChessBase 
10/31/2022 – After an accident, former World Champion Anatoly Karpov was rushed to the hospital with multiple head injuries in which he was placed in an induced coma. Karpov was put on a ventilator now, and has been diagnosed with cerebral edema, fractures of the right parietal and right temporal bones, multiple head hematomas, and traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage. We will update this report as the news trickles in.


MARCA reported on Tuesday, the Russian former world chess champion Anatoly Karpovwas discharged from the Moscow hospital where he was recovering from the concussion he suffered at the end of October.

Karpov suffered a fall and had been hospitalized since October 29. The 71-year-old Soviet-era grandmaster is now well on his way to recovery.

"Anatoli Yevgenyevich (Karpov's patronymic) has already gone home. He is smiling and very happy," Albert Stepanian, the chess player's assistant, told TASS news agency.

Karpov, 71, suffered a concussion as a result of a fall which led to him needing hospital treatment. 

"A truly unpleasant incident took place, Anatoli slipped, fell and hit his head. He was taken to the hospital where he was treated. There are no fractures, he is conscious, but he suffered a concussion," Stepanian reported at the time.

Earlier, Russian Telegram channel 112 had reported that Karpov was found unconscious next to the Duma or Congress of Deputies headquarters on the day of the fall and that doctors had diagnosed him with a craniocerebral injury and a fractured right hip.

World Chess Champion Anatoly Karpov in Lindsborg
   Welcome to the Anatoly Karpov International School of Chess.  Chess is not only a game, but a proven learning tool to help students with problem solving, which in turn leads to improved math and reading scores.  

Grandmaster Chess Camp - July 9-16, 2021 -- CANCELED
Var Akobian
Sadly, because of Covid issues, our annual Grandmaster Chess Camp will be not be held this summer.  We hope to see everyone next year.

Topeka Students Complete Online Course
Captions from left to right: (front) Brady McGivern, Emilio Gutierrez. Yumi Kwak (back) Joshua Anderson, Graidon Nichol, Marck Cobb, and Sean Mcconnell


Students Complete Online Chess Course

 Ten students from Hayden Catholic High School in Topeka, successfully completed an extensive online chess course with the Anatoly Karpov International School of Chess.  The course is part of a partnership between the Karpov Chess School and the Smoky Valley Virtual Charter School.

“I’m very proud of our school and these remarkable students,” said Marck Cobb, advisor to the chess school.  “In these times of the Covid virus, it’s wonderful that their studies can continue online.”

 The students, in addition to their online studies, participated in two chess tournaments to round out their studies.  Vice Principal Travis Lamb coordinated the Hayden Catholic High School for the successful completion of this course by his students.  


Summer Chess Camps
summer chess camp, Anatoly Karpov, Timur Gayev, grandmaster camp
Congratulations to our 2018 chess campers.

Karpov School Chess Summer Camp with GM Timur Gareyev

Winners of the Camp's Competitions 

Open Section 

1st Place -EPARD, DAX



Reserve Section 



3rdPlace-CHEN, TIMMY 

Top Female




Blitz Tournament

1stPlace EPARD, DAX




Problem Solving Competition 

1stPlaceHOHN, RYAN




Bughouse Tournament 





Chess camps, Karpov Chess Camp, Timur Gareyev, Summer Camps
Our summer 2017 chess camp taught by Grandmaster Timur Gareyev. You are invited to attend one of the premiere chess camps in the United States. CLICK THE IMAGE to go to our CHESS CAMPS page.
National Geographic does story on Lindsborg chess
Courtesy Small World Gallery - Lindsborg, Kansas

GM Timur Gareyev Sets World Record
Timur Gareyev, Blindfold chess, chess camps
Lindsborg Team Invitational
Timur Gareyev, Blindfold chess, chess camps
Karpov School Team Invitational Championship: From left to right in the picture, they are Kim Jalosjos (board 3), Hyung Ju Nam (board 1), Sho Glashausser (board 2), and Jay Ram (board 4). They are from Washburn Rural High School. (Sho is still in 8th grade but will be attending that school in the fall and was invited to play with them.) -
GM Timur Gareyev at the Super Nationals
Timur Gareyev, Blindfold chess, chess camps
Nashville: after GM Timur Gareyev blindfold event in Nashville last Thursday; Timur interacting with Sho Glashausser Sho - K-8 champion
Congratulations to the June 2015 Chess Campers
Chess camps, Karpov Chess Camp, Timur Gareyev, Summer Camps
Congratulations to Our July 2015 Chess Campers
Chess camps, Karpov Chess Camp, Var Akobian, Timur Gareyev
Congratulations to Our 20014 Chess Campers
Chess Camps, Karpov Chess Camp, Var Akobian, Gabriel Purdy
Congratulations to Our 2013 Campers
Chess Camps, Karpov Chess Camp, Var Akobian, Gabriel Purdy
Congratulations to Our 2012 Chess Campers
Grandmaster John Fedorowicz at Karpov Chess Camp
Grandmaster Camp 2012 with GM John Fedorowicz
chess camps, Summer Camps
Director's Chess Camp 2012
Congratulations to Our 2011 Chess Campers
Chess Camps, Summer Camps
Kansas Champions Attend Chess Camp
Chess Camps, Lindsborg, Karpov Chess School

Kansas Chess Champions Attend Summer Chess Camp


An elite group of about 30 campers gathered this week at the Karpov Chess School in Lindsborg to learn more about the game of chess.  "We're pleased that among our students is a group of individuals who have won five Kansas State Divisional Championship titles," said David Blair, director of the chess school.


Four highly skilled instructors led by Grandmaster Var Akobian will be giving personalized instruction to the students for a week at the Karpov Chess School.  The students are housed on the Bethany College campus.


"Grandmaster Akobian will practice his coaching and teaching skills with the students and then at the end of the week will be flying to China to coach the U.S. World Championship Team for their international competition," said Marck Cobb, president of the International Chess Institute of the Midwest (ICIM).  ICIM owns and operates the Karpov Chess School.


For more information on the chess camp program and chess teaching, please contact us at 785-227-2224.

The Karpov Chess School is Now on Facebook
U.S. Open 2012
U.S. Chess Open 2012, Vancouver, WA
Vancouver, Washington - Site of the 2012 U.S. Open
U.S. Chess Open 2012, Vancouver, WA
515 Players Compete in the Hilton's Main Ballroom
Yasser Seirawan, Shetty Ayra
GM Seirawan and Shetty Ayra Square off on Board 2
Mitchell Goldberg, Alexander Shabalov, U.S. Open Chess
FIDE Master Mitchell Goldberg and GM Alexander Shabalov
Hoyos Manuel Leon, Chess Mexico, U.S. Chess Open
GM Hoyos Manuel Leon of Mexico on Board 1
2011 U.S. Open - Orlando, Florida
U.S. Chess Open 2011
Chess Camps, Summer Camps
Summer Camps, U.S. Chess
Karpov School at Orlando, Florida
Midsummer's Festival
Midsummer's Festival, David Blair
Director David Blair Plays Simul at Midsummer's
Large Chess Set, Swedish Festivals
Visitors Play with the Giant Swedish Chess Set

The Midsummer's Festival boasted something new this year.  The Anatoly Karpov Chess School sponsored a 20 board chess simultaneous held at Riverside Park. Karpov Chess School Director David Blair played a 70 game "Simul."  The Simul featured Blair moving from board to board, playing several players in one seating.  Local players comprised the majority of Blair's opponents; however, others joined in later in the day.


Two competitors, Quade Leonard and Paul Masterson, each, won a game. Blair offered several "valiant effort" draws (tie game) throughout the day to players who were losing their games, but played very well. Only one of the competitors, Maverick Lewis, would accept the draw offer. Lewis is Blair's 5th grade chess student from The Independent School in Wichita.


Dan Masterson and his son Paul volunteered their time throughout the day helping out with the Simul, handing out prizes and drinks, and helping with set up and tear down. Since there were only two losses and one draw the entire day, The Karpov Chess School also gave prizes (T-shirts, book bags and DVD's) to other competitors who played multiple games or played well. The next scheduled Simultaneous will be held during Svensk Hyllningsfest in front of the Karpov School.

Conrad Holt Earns Third GM Norm

  Kansas teenager, Conrad Holt, earned his third Grandmaster norm while playing for the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) team.  He earned it in time to compete in the collegiate Final Four which will be held at the end of March in Virginia.  The young Holt, from Wichita, previously won 5th place overall in the Open Section when he earned his first norm.  The World Chess Federation grants the prestigious title of Grandmaster to a player who achieves a high level of play against other Grandmasters in three tournaments. 


After Holt won his firm GM norm, he said: "It's pretty exciting, I guess.  I got a draw in my last game in about 20 minutes, which gave me the points I needed for the norm.  I wasn't worn our from a long game, so I celebrated by winning the Blitz tournament, then we ate some pizza."  


Holt is no stranger to Lindsborg.  He won the 2008 U.S. Cadet Tournament, hosted by the Karpov Chess School.


Holt earned his Expert rating in October 2007, which is a U.S. Chess Federation (USCF) rating of 2000, at Derby, Kansas.  Nine months later, he earned the title of Master (USCF 2200) at the World Open that was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  In 2011, Holt earned his Senior Master title (USCF 2400) at the Berkley International in January of this year.


Holt attends the University of Texas at Dallas this fall on a full academic scholarship.  He plans to major in bio-medical engineering.

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2nd Intercontinental Team Championships - April 2011

St. Petersburg and Midwest Chess Teams Vie for Honors



Last weekend, a team of young chess players from St. Petersburg, Russia came to Lindsborg and McPherson to compete with scholastic chess teams from throughout Kansas and Nebraska. The 2nd Intercontinental Chess Team Championships got underway with a Blitz tournament at the Karpov Chess School in Lindsborg on Friday night.  Blitz chess is a form of rapid-fire chess where each player has only five minutes to complete the game.  Russian player, Sergey Sememoka, defeated his rivals to win first place in the Blitz event.  Sememoka, who came with his brother Ilya to the tournament, is a high school freshman who plans to work in the medical field.


"I really like the team format of this tournament," said Mikhail Korenman, president of International Education and Cultural Services (INTECS), co-organizer of the tournament. "It is good to see the team members supporting and helping one another."  The 1st Intercontinental Chess Team Championships were played in Chicago.


The chess teams squared off on Saturday in McPherson.  After the first round, teams from St. Petersburg, Lawrence, and Omaha were tied with wins.  At the end of round two, only St. Petersburg and Omaha remained tied; however, Lawrence trailed by only a half point.  The situation remained unchanged by the end of round three.  St. Petersburg went into round five with a half point lead over Omaha and a full point lead over the Lawrence team.  In this tournament, each team win counted as a point and each tie or draw counts as a half point.


Svetlana Tiahova, age 11 and the youngest member of the Russian team, was winning all of her games.  She and her school team in St. Petersburg recently won the European Team Championships. "I wouldn't be surprised if she were an Expert or Master by the time she is in high school," said David Blair, coach of the Lawrence team.


The St. Petersburg team continued to win and at the end of round six, their closest rival was Lawrence who trailed by a point.  This, however, changed in the final round when the Lawrence team defeated the St. Petersburg team.  Both teams tied with a 6.0 score; however, St. Petersburg won the championship on tie-breaks.  The Lawrence team fielded two-time Kansas State section champions Kaustubh Nimkar and Apramay Mishra, along with Eddie Wilson, and Sam Beaulieu. Nimkar didn't lose a game, the only player to do so in the top section of eight teams.


The championships were also broken down by age categories.  St. Petersburg won the under 16 category; Concordia under 18, Omaha Silver Knights under 14, Wichita Scholastic Chess Club under 12, and Omaha Green Knights under 10.


"I think we had a very successful tournament with international prestige," said Marck R. Cobb, president of the International Chess Institute of the Midwest that owns and operates the Anatoly Karpov International School of Chess in Lindsborg, Kansas.  "The parents of players were pleased that their young people could participate in this international event."  The Karpov Chess School was one of the co-organizers of the event.


In other Lindsborg chess news, the Karpov Chess School recently hosted the Kansas Girl'sChampionship.  Hannah Purdy, who is a member of the well-known Purdy Family Chess Team from Oxford, Kansas, won the event.  The event is a qualifier for the Annual Susan Polgar National Invitational for Girl's Championship, which is held each summer at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas.  Girls from each state compete to determine who will represent their state at the Polgar Invitational.  Ms. Purdy will represent Kansas.

Lindsborg Open - December 2010
Kansas Scholastic Chess Association
(l to r): Hannah Purdy, Elijah Purdy, Peter Bradshaw, Gabriel Purdy, Rachel Hasch, Tyler Kocher, Lyle Taylor, and Braden Johnson

Thirty-three chess players from throughout Kansas came to the Karpov Chess School in Lindsborg to compete in the 10th annual Lindsborg Open. The Lindsborg Open has been called the Kansas Christmas tournament because of its close proximity to Christmas. 


Jason Wawrzaszek, a chess Expert from Wichita, narrowly won 1st place with 4.5 points out of a possible five.  "Jason has been a consistent winner of a number of tournaments, including our Spring Quads," said Marck R. Cobb, president of the International Chess Institute of the Midwest (ICIM).  ICIM owns and operates the Karpov Chess School in Lindsborg, Kansas.


Peter Bradshaw, Concordia; Lyle Taylor, Pratt; Gabriel and Hannah R. Purdy, Oxford, Kansas tied for 2nd place with 4.0 points, each. Gabriel and Hannah Purdy are both members of the well-known Purdy Home School chess team that often competes and wins scholastic chess team events.  Tom Brownscombe directed the event.


The next major chess event in Lindsborg will be the 2nd Intercontinental School Chess Team Championships on April 2-3.  The international tournament will feature scholastic chess teams from St. Petersburg, Russia and Colombia, as well as teams throughout the United States.  Additional foreign teams have been invited. 

Karpov School Wraps Up 2009 Season
Marck R. Cobb and Anatoly Karpov
Anatoly Karpov and Chess School President Marck R. Cobb

The Karpov Chess School ended its 2009 schedule of activities with the Ninth Annual Lindsborg Open on December 19.   In an unusual turn of events, 16 year-old Thorton Bonner, of Spring Valley, Kansas decided to enter the Lindsborg tournament, although he had never played in a U.S. Chess Federation (USCF) sanctioned event.  After five grueling rounds, Bonner found that he tied for first place, along with fellow Kansans Taimoor Noor, Jason Wawrzaszek, and Vladimir Inglesias. 

"This is the ninth consecutive year that we have held the Lindsborg Open," said Director Tom Brownscombe.  "It is always held around Christmas, so it's now established as part of the chess tradition in the Midwest."

Noor won the first place trophy, based on tiebreaks, and Bonner took home the trophy for best result by an unrated player.   Chess players typically compete in their own rating category, determined by USCF ratings, to assure they are paired with players with similar skill levels.  Kansas Chess Association treasurer Laurence Coker, Overland Park, and James Smith of Missouri shared first place for players rated under 1800.

 Fifth grader Brian Jiang of Sunrise Christian Academy in Wichita earned 3 points to win the first place trophy for players rated under 1600.   C.J. Armenta, who traveled from Missouri, also scored 3 points to earn first place in the under 1500 category. 

The Purdy family from Oxford, Kansas, have become well known in chess circles by winning numerous team and individual championships in scholastic tournaments.   Gabriel Purdy took home the trophy for the best performance by a player rated under 1300.  His sister Hannah, who is the current Kansas Girl's Champion, won the first place trophy for best performance by a female.  

Lindsborg fifth grader Tristan Donaldson won the trophy for best performance by a player rated under 1000. "It's good to see local students compete in our tournaments," said Marck Cobb, president of the International Chess Institute of the Midwest (ICIM).  "We hope to increase this number in the upcoming year."  ICIM, a non-profit charitable corporation, owns and operates the Karpov Chess School.

Scholarships and Chess Camps

Through the generosity of donors, the chess school awarded 17 scholarships to area students to attend the two chess camps held at the Karpov School in July.  Many students would not have been able to attend without the scholarships. Students attending the weeklong camps were treated to instruction by one of the top chess grandmasters in the United States.  Grandmaster Var Akobian, winner of the 2007 World Open, not only taught the students chess, but also showed them the finer points of soccer during their free time.  The chess school's director, Tom Brownscombe, worked alongside Grandmaster Akobian and Chris Purdy to provide instruction to the 49 students from throughout the United States who attended the camps.

President Marck Cobb and Karpov in Russia

In June, Marck Cobb and his son Layton, at their own expense, boarded a plane to Moscow; at the same time Mikhail Korenman and three other families from Chicago also boarded a plane for Moscow.  The combined group of seven adults and seven young people became known as the "American Delegation."  The group had a their photo taken in Red Square before going to meet Anatoly Karpov.  Karpov and the American Delegation boarded another plane to Surgut, arriving around midnight.  Upon getting off the plane, they were greeted by a display of Northern Lights.  "We couldn't see any darkness between sunrise and sunset," said Cobb.  After a couple of bus rides, the group arrived in Poikovski, a small town in Siberia where Karpov has a chess school.  Some in Lindsborg may recall, it was Poikovski that sent a number of their young people to Lindsborg to compete and get to know their host families. 

Poikovski boasts a cultural center that serves 22 smaller surrounding communities.  Their cultural center employs seven instructors, who in turn provide instruction to about 500 students. 

Over the next few days, students from both countries competed with one another, and despite language difficulties they managed to make some friendships.   Another Lindsborg alumni flew in to join the main tournament; Grandmaster Alexander Onischuk visited Lindsborg on several occasions, where he taught at the chess school.  Other grandmasters from throughout the world also arrived for the competition.   The American student team placed fifth out of several teams in the Poikovski Youth Tournament.

Upon leaving Poikovski, the Americans made their way to St. Petersburg and Moscow where they relaxed and toured.  The Russians were holding another tournament in the city of Voronezh, the 13th International Chess Festival.  The Americans took the train to Voronezh and played several matches with Russian students.  Karpov Chess School president Marck Cobb offered a scholarship to any student who would fly to Lindsborg.

"It was a wonderful experience for students from different countries to get to know one another," said Cobb  "It's all possible because of chess."

Director Brownscombe and Area Schools

Director Tom Brownscombe expanded the chess school's reach by teaching chess in the local schools, such as St. Mary's in Salina, Canton-Galva, and the Lindsborg Virtual School.  Tom also officiated at several national tournaments during 2009.

Brownscombe won the Kansas State Chess Championship in July.  The Kansas championships have been held in Lindsborg for several years.  This is the second Kansas Championship win for Brownscombe.  He previously won it in 2007.    He is also the former Nevada State Champion.

Social Chess

The Karpov Chess School hosts social chess nights every first and third Thursday of each month at 7p.m.  Beginners are welcome.  More information can be obtained by going to the school Website: www.anatolykarpovchessschool.org or call 785-227-2224.


2010 Chess Camps
Aravindakkrishna Ganapathy, Peter Bradshaw, Andrew Ritter,  Timothy Tran, Christopher Anton, Jared Shelton, William Brown, Jordan Fryhover, Jacob Brull, Rachel Hasch, Emily Daniels, Henry Elliott, Lillian Brown, Alex Malfait, Nicholas Grant, Christina Leon, Maverick Lewis, Joseph Dougherty, Anders Marius, Gwendolyn Stiles, Samuel Stone, Soren Marius, Layton Cobb, Var Akobian, Tom Brownscombe, Karpov Chess Camps
Group 1 - 2010 Lindsborg Chess Camp - CLICK IMAGE FOR MORE PHOTOS
Donald Posten, Samuel Beaulieu, Edward Wilson, Henry Posten, Alexander Ionkov, Phillip Ionkov, Thomas Kensinger, Aaron Cloet, Kevin Schupbach, Emily Casteen, Ryan Grant, Var Akobian, Tom Brownscombe, Karpov Chess Camps, Anatoly Karpov
Group 2 - 2010- Lindsborg Chess Camp - CLICK ON IMAGE FOR MORE PHOTOS
2009 Chess Camps
Anatoly Karpov Chess Camp 2009
Karpov Chess Camp - Session I - July 12-17, 2009 - CLICK IMAGE TO LINK TO CHESS CAMP PHOTOS AND INFORMATION
Karpov Chess Camps in 2009
Karpov Chess Camp - Session II - July 19-24, 2009 - CLICK IMAGE TO LINK TO 2009 CAMP PHOTOS AND INFORMATION
Tom Brownscombe - 2009 Kansas State Chess Champion
Laurence Coker at Karpov Chess School - chess camp
Kansas Chess Association Official Laurence Coker Congratulates Brownscombe on Winning the Championship
Third Presidential Awards Reception - May 16, 2009
Karpov Chess School Scholarships
Scholarship and Medalist Winners - Back Row: Kyle Burris, Nathan Bray, State Representative Clark Shultz, Nathan Stewart, Michael Christian: Front Row: Alex Shultz, Nick Reinert, Nicholas Bray, Ryan Grant, Robert Osborne, Rachel Hasch and Emily Hasch
Third Presidential Awards Reception at Karpov School
Awards Reception
Swedish Crown Awards Dinner
Awards Reception
Awards Reception
Annie Reinert, Nick Reinert
Awards Reception
Awards Reception
Karpov Chess School Scholarship Dinner
Awards Reception
Robert Jensen, Clark Shultz, Alex Shultz
Awards Recepton
May Quads - 2009
Tom Phillips at Anatoly Karpov Chess School
Tom Phillips - Winner Section 1
Kyle Burris
Kyle Burris - Winner Section 2
Spring Quads 2009
Bryan Jiang, Karpov Chess School
Bryan Jiang is the overall spring quad champion with a total of 9.5 out of a possible 12 points
Peter Ruperecht and Karpov Quad chess tournament
Tom Brownscombe & Top March Quad Winner Peter Rupprecht
Terry Wright, Wichita, KS - Karpov Chess School Quads
Terry Wright - Top Quad Winner - 4/18/09
Kansas Girls' Championship - Polgar Qualifier - April 18, 2009
Hannah Purdy, Kansas State Girl's Chess Champion
Director Brownscombe Congratulates Hannah Purdy, Kansas State Girl's Champion
Rachel Hasch, Namana Rao 2nd
LtoR: Rachel Hasch 3rd, Hannah Purdy 1st, Namana Rao 2nd
Movie Company Shoots Film at Karpov Chess School

The movie AuPair Kansas features scenes shot in the Karpov Chess School. The comedy drama, that includes a chess component, is about a recently widowed woman who hires a Norwegian soccer player to come to a small town in Kansas to be a male au pair and to help raise her two sons.

The movie stars the Norwegian comedy actor Havard Lilleheie and Spencer Daniels who recently played a young Brad Pitt in the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button which opens Christmas Day. Spencer also is cast in the upcoming new Star Trek movie.

The movie has been selected as one of the finalists to be shown at the New York Film Festival during the summer of 2009.  It is scheduled got general release later this year.

Au Pair Kansas movie at Karpov Chess School
Au Pair Kansas movie at Karpov Chess School
Ninth Annual Lindsborg Open - December 20, 2008
Nathanial Fast wins Lindsborg Open
Tom Brownscombe Congratulates Winner Nathanial Fast - CLICK IMAGE TO SEE MORE PHOTOS
U.S. Junior Open Chess Championship

Join GM Var Akobian at the 2008 U.S. Junior Open

Karpov Chess Camps
GM Akobian Karpov Chess Camps
GM Akobian at U.S. Junior Open - CLICK IMAGE to Link to U.S. Junior Open
2008 U.S. Jr. Championships Online
Tyler B. Hughes Wins 2008 U.S. Jr. Closed Championship

Tyler B. Hughes Winner 2008 Junior Chess Championship at Karov School
Conrad Holt Wins 2008 Cadet Championship

Conrad Holt Cadet Champion Kansas
U.S. Junior & Cadet Championship

2008 U.S. Junior Cadet & Closed Championships

Click the Image on Your Left for Photos and Up to Date Information

U.S. Junior Open Comes to Lindsborg
2008 Karpov Chess Camp - July 13-18
Chess Camp at Karpov Chess School
CLICK IMAGE to Link to Session I Chess Camp, July 13-18, 2008
2008 Karpov Chess Camp - July 20 - 25
Karpov Chess Camp - Session II 2008
Chess Camp 2008 - Session II - CLICK IMAGE to Link to Photo Page
My Best Games by Anatoly Karpov

My Best Games

Anatoly Karpov

My Best Games by Anatoly Karpov Chess Camp
   Anatoly Karpov's long awaited book, My Best Games shares an inside look into the genius of chess grandmaster Anatoly Karpov.  In this book, scheduled for release in July 2008, 7-time World Chess Champion Anatoly Karpov shares what he considers to be his 100 most impressive matches.  Each game features detailed diagrams, explanations of Karpov's well-crafted moves and descriptions of the tournament and opponent.

   Full of practical instruction as well as insight into Karpov's creative genius, My Best Games is a facinating study that no chess player can afford to miss.

   Available at bookstores everywhere and through Trafalgar Square Publishing from Independent Publishers Group, 814 N. Franklin St., Chicago, IL 0610.  Toll-free number for orders only: 1-800-888-4741.  Visit us online at www.ipgbook.com

Anatoly Karpov Chess School Mailing List
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