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The Karpov School of Chess offers 2 year Online Chess Program, created  by Grandmaster Timur Gareyev,  Chess Coaches Marck Cobb and Gabriel Purdy. Only Kansas State Home Schools’ or Private Schools’ students, who are enrolled to the program are eligible to study without cost and receive a year of middle/high (grades 7-12) school elective credit.

1st year: from very beginning to 1,000; 2nd year: over 1,000 rating. Prerequisite for beginners to have a standard chess set with letters and numbers for learning notation. (can be received for $15 donation from Karpov School)

Public Schools’, and out of KS and USA students (any age and level), interested in Online Chess Program register through Karpov School, are not eligible for credit, and pay $300 for each year to the Karpov School, discounts for siblings. 

Enrollment: March to September 1, for the school year.

Questions? Ask: Anna James. Cell: 785-227-7555. Email: akarpovkschess@gmail.com


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