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Recent Events at Karpov Chess School
Karpov Chess School Recent Event Photos
Au Pair Kansas Movie Shot at Karpov Chess School
Spencer Daniels, J.T. O'Neal
Ninth Annual Lindsborg Open - December 20, 2008
Lindsborg Open at the Karpov Chess School
Director Tom Brownscombe Congratulates Winner Nathanial Fast - CLICK IMAGE TO SEE MORE PHOTOS
2008 Lindsborg Scholastic
Smoky Valley High School
2008 U.S. Junior Open
Var Akobian, Duane Tate
2008 Chess Camps - Session I & II
Chess Camp Photos
CLICK IMAGE - See Photos of 2008 Chess Camp - Session I
Anatoly Karpov Summer Chess Camps
CLICK IMAGE - Photos of 2008 Chess Camp - Session II
Lindsborg Scholastic Tournament - October 2007
Lindsborg Scholastic Chess Tournament
More Photos Above on Lindsborg Scholastic 2007
Hyllningsfest - October 2007
Tom Brownscombe, director of the Karpov Chess School
FIDE Master Tom Brownscombe Plays a Simul During the Swedish Festival Hyllningsfest - More Photos Above in HYLLNINGSFEST
Gorbachev Chess Set Donated to Bethany College
Marck R. Cobb,Lucy Johnson,Wes Fisk, Edward F. Leonard III,Tom Brownscombe
Lucy Johnson Donates the Famed Gorbachev Chess Set to Bethany College - The set will be displayed in the lobby of Presser Hall. L to Rt: Marck R. Cobb, President of the International Chess Institute of the Midwest; Lucy Johnson; Irwin W. Fisk, Secretary & V.P. of the International Chess Institute of the Midwest; Edward F. Leonard, President of Bethany College; Director Tom Brownscombe, Anatoly Karpov International School of Chess
Chess Camp - July 2007
Chess Camp Karpov
Additional Photos on Chess Camp 2007 Photos (Above)
Kansas Open - July 2007
Kansas Open Chess Championship - Tom Brownscombe - Dan Holmes
Left to Right - KCA President Tom Claman, KS Reserve Champion Dan Holmes, and Kansas State Chess Champion Tom Brownscombe
Christopher Anton,Charles Arbuckle,Ben McGregor
KS Open Scholastic Winners - Left to Right: Christopher Anton, Charles Arbuckle and Ben McGregor
Introduction to Chess Class - Assaria - South Saline - June 2007
Chess Camp Assaria South Saline
May 2007 Awards Ceremony
Karpov Chess School Awards ceremony
Presidential Recognition Awards - Front L-R: Benjamin Gallman, Christopher Anton, Charles Kinzel. Back Row L-R: Kansas State Representative Clark Shultz, Paul Masterson, Isiah Jesch, Ben Bosworth, Levi Lawless, Karpov Chess School President Marck R. Cobb
Karpov Awards ceremony at Rosberg Conference Center
Karpov awards at Rosberg Conference Center
Karpov Chess School Awards at Rosberg
Karpov chess awards at Rosberg Conference Center
Annual chess awards ceremony at Rosberg Conference Center
Independent School of Wichita - May 2007
Karpov Chess School visit by Wichita Independent School
6th Annual Lindsborg Open - Dec. 2006
Bob Holliman wins 2006 Lindsborg Open at the Karpov chess school
President Marck Cobb (R) Congratulates Bob Holliman, winner of the 2006 Lindsborg Open.
Lindsborg Open at the Karpov Chess School
Ron Pasik Directs the Lindsborg Open
Amos Schikowsky Wins at Karpov Chess School
Amos Schikowsky Wins Class B Section
Anatoly Karpov Chess School hosts Lindsborg Open
Youths Compete for Trophies and USCF Ratings
Brian Coleman wins Class C Section at the Karpov Chess School
President Marck Cobb Congratulates Brian Coleman the Winner of the Class C Section
Conrad Holt, Kishi Satoru, Sam Reichert, Thomas Reams, Zachariah Button, Sam Cross, Ben McGregor, Matthew Bell
President Marck Cobb Congratulates Youth Division Winners: 1st Open Conrad Holt, 2nd Open Kishi Satoru, 3rd Open Sam Reichert; 1st Class B Thomas Reams; 1st Class D Zachariah Button; 1st Class E-Unr. Sam Cross, 2nd Class E-Unr. Ben McGregor, 3rd Class E-Unr. Matthew Bell
Doug Bishop wins Class D Section at the Anatoly Karpov Chess School
Doug Bishop (right) Wins 1st in the Class D Section
Michael Clarady wins Class E Section at Karpov Chess School
Michael Clarady Wins 1st in Class E-Unr. Section
Wesley Koehler, Kevin Nyberg, Ron Chaika at Karpov Chess School
Kansas Master Wesley Koehler (right) Chats with Fellow Chessplayers Kevin Nyberg and Ron Chaika (seated)
Lindsborg Scholastic - November 2006
Lindsborg Scholastic Chess Medals
Kansas scholastic chess Lindsborg, Kansas
Students Warm Up Prior to Tournament
Marck Cobb, President Karpov Chess School and Carolyn Masterson and Christine Rheinert, Troy Criss and Annie Rheinert
Marck Cobb, President of the Karpov Chess School, assists Carolyn Masterson and Christine Reinert with Registration. Troy Criss and Annie Reinert Look On
Christopher Fisk, Annie Rheinert Karpov Chess School Students
Students Prepare for Round One
Christabelle Fisk, Lindsborg, Kansas
Girls Ready to Compete
Lindsborg Scholastic Chess Tournament
Lindsborg Student Chess Tournament
Scholastic Chess in Lindsborg, Kansas
Winners of Lindsborg Scholastic Tournament
L to R (Front): Garrett Barbour (2nd - Middle School); Derrek S. Hammer 2nd - Elementary; Roscoe Bradt 3rd Elementary; Braden Johnson 1st Elementary Austin Schad 3rd Middle School; (Back Row L-R): James Criss 1st High School; Charles Arbuckle 2nd High School; Amos Schikowsky 3rd High School. Not Shown: Charles Kinzel 1st Middle School.
Karpov Summer Chess Camp - 2006
Chess Camp - Karpov Chess School - Lindsborg, Kansas
Yury Shulman teaches chess at Karpov Chess Camp
Chess Camp in Lindsborg, Kansas
Grandmaster Yury Shulman teaches at Karpov Chess Camp
Grandmaster Yury Shulman Analyzes Game with Students
Anatoly Karpov's Summer Chess Camp
Student lessons at Chess Camp
Girls at Chess Camp
Charles Kinzel at Karpov Chess Camp
Chess Camp is for all ages
Chess Camp in Lindsborg
Yury Shulman instructs student at chess camp
Chess Class July 10 - 14
Karpov Chess School class Assaria
Assaria - S.E. Saline Class
Judy Burch teaches chess at Karpov Chess School
Karpov Chess School student
Karpov Chess School in session
Student at Karpov Chess School
Karpov Chess School Class
Girl student at Karpov Chess School
Karpov Chess School summer student
Karpov Chess School student
Student thinking at the Karpov Chess School
Student studies position at Karpov Chess School
Girls love chess at the Karpov Chess School
Chess Class - June 12-16
chess instruction at Karpov Chess School
chess student Karpov Chess School
chess lessons at the Karpov School of Chess
girl student at Karpov Chess School
chess lessons at Karpov Chess School
student of the Anatoly Karpov International Chess School
Student studies chess at Karpov Chess School